Stray 3d Cut Lines

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Stray 3d Cut Lines

Post by mbsquires »

I'm using Desktop, and I am trying to cut the lilies from the free download (Lily_Bunch_2-57845-A.v3m). My finishing cut looks has multiple "stray cuts" that go outside the model. Probably adds over an hour to the cut time.

Any idea what's going on?

Lily Finish Cut.jpg

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Re: Stray 3d Cut Lines

Post by Adrian »

That doesn't look any 3D roughing/finish toolpath that I've seen. You need to attach the CRV file or screenshots of the toolpath dialogs etc so we can see what settings you're using.

At a guess it looks you've created vectors from the 3D model and then used a v-carve toolpath on it. With a 3D model you use the 3D rough/finish toolpaths.

You've posted in the wrong section of the forum if you're using VCarve Desktop. This section is for the Cut3D product. Not a major issue but it might reduce the number of responses you will get.

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