Lest We Forget Remembrance Plaque Model Project

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Lest We Forget Remembrance Plaque Model Project

Post by Olly »

This post is for all the Design & Make enthusiasts out there!

Just a quick post to keep you up to date on what is new over at www.DesignandMake.com.


Introducing our latest model project Lest We Forget Remembrance Plaque

Download Battlefield Cross here - https://store.designandmake.com/shop/product/20960

Download Remembrance Poppy here - https://store.designandmake.com/shop/product/10982

Download Carved Edge Panel #2 here - https://store.designandmake.com/shop/product/17614

Watch Olly as he creates this tribute to all the armed forces community using military models from our brand new collection now available at the Design & Make store!

Our ‘Lest We Forget’ project is dedicated to all the men and women who are serving and have served in the Armed Forces community, the special contribution of army families and the emergency services, as well as innocent civilians who have lost their lives in conflict. Every year, people across the globe commemorate the sacrifice of those who have died or been injured by war, and this thought-provoking tribute is to honor all those who defend our democratic freedoms and way of life. We hope this project helps you set the scene when creating your own personal commemoration to your heroes as we approach Remembrance and Veterans Day.

Find out more about the Lest We Forget plaque and our new military models here: https://www.designandmake.com/index.php ... ce-plaque/

See more of our Military themed models here: https://store.designandmake.com/search/ ... &sort=date


Browse all of our latest content in the D&M store... https://store.designandmake.com/search/ ... ype=search

Check out what other Design and Make users have been up to - http://designandmakeit.com/index.php/ca ... mer-focus/

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