Beware the Werewolf Halloween Model Project

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Beware the Werewolf Halloween Model Project

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This post is for all the Design & Make enthusiasts out there!

Just a quick post to keep you up to date on what is new over at


Introducing our latest model project Beware The Werewolf! Halloween Project

Download the Werewolf Model here:

Download the Plank Model here:

Celebrate Halloween, Trick or Treat or Mischief Season with some spooky Halloween 3D models new to the Design & Make store!

Halloween has a fascinating history with its name first used in the Tudor period but the name comes from the word Hallowe'en or All Hallows’ Eve meaning All Saint’s evening. The tradition of celebrating the dead has Pagan origins dating back to the Samhain festival where souls of the dead were thought to return to their homes so people dressed in scary costumes and lit bonfires to ward off their spirits. Halloween has grown in popularity around the world over the last two hundred years and don’t we all love to get into the spirit of the party atmosphere by dressing up, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, lighting bonfires, and apple bobbing.

This devilish 'Beware The Werewolf' wall art is taken from our brand new collection of Halloween models and inspired by folklore and mythology of the man who shapeshifts into a wolf-like beast in the presence of the full moon. This project is perfect for all those looking for Halloween or Trick or Treat ideas to hide in your gardens or yards to scare friends, family and neighbors, or for those looking for your own spooky-themed gifts for your Etsy store.

Olly has recreated his own creepy Beware the Werewolf sign using the Wolfy single model framed by plank models. This project comes in 2 cleverly designed parts allowing you to machine the werewolf, and frame separately for easy cutting and assembly. You can easily cut it as one part too but why not spice it up and make each piece in a different wood or other material. Customize it with a scary v-carved message like "Keep Out" or "Property Guarded by a Werewolf" using this Moinho text, then add a spooky glow with green or orange neon strip lights to create a ghoulish glow as your finishing touch.

Remember, all the models can be cut as individual models or combined with other models in your library. Whatever Halloween or Trick or Treat plans you have afoot, if you’re looking for macabre models to add to your next CNC project, check out these new Halloween models and find your perfect gift inspiration!

Crawl over to the Design & Make store and check out all our macabre models including a fun flying bat, creepy tarantula, ghostly ghoul or freaky flying witch. Then scare and share your projects here on the Vectric Forum, tag us on social media and let's see your ghoulish creations!

See more of our Halloween-themed models here:


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