Level Up! Gamer Wall Light Model Project

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Level Up! Gamer Wall Light Model Project

Post by Olly »

This post is for all the Design & Make enthusiasts out there!

Just a quick post to keep you up to date on what is new over at www.DesignandMake.com.


Introducing our latest model project
Gamer Model Project

Watch Olly as he uses these 3 cleverly designed and detailed models from our Gamer collection to machine and assemble the plaque, gamer and console. Why not mix it up and make each piece in a different wood or other material and use the handy fixings to add neon strip lights as a finishing touch!

We’re launching a NEW Gamer Wall Light Model Project! If you are an amateur or professional gamer, or have a home full of kids who love to play computer games, then this epic project is perfect for you! For gamers on Twitch, this sign would make a perfect personalized prop or backdrop where you game, or as a team trophy for those friends who want to 'slick up' their team spirit and create an award for those with the highest skill set. For those organizing video game competitions or managing a virtual reality venue then why not use these models to make a business sign or unique gaming award and help build your brand and boost your business!

Find out more here and view the Gamer models here: https://store.designandmake.com/shop/product/20831


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