Farm Sign

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Farm Sign

Post by PalmettoWW »

A small farm sign we recently shipped to Florida!
13" x 20" 1.5" HDU (Dunaboard)

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Re: Farm Sign

Post by scottp55 »

Nice Job! :) Especially on the paint job on the tree!! (Nice to see someone who can paint, as I Can't)
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Re: Farm Sign

Post by Woodencreation995 »

PalmettoWW wrote:A small farm sign we recently shipped to Florida!
13" x 20" 1.5" HDU (Dunaboard)
I am trying to do a sign that has a concave center with a tree that has a convex shape. I see that you made the tree raised, is it curved?
I am also trying to carve the letters into the concave surface, they are cutting as if it is a flat surface. I know that if you V-carve your letters you can check the box to follow the 3-D contour but I don't find where you can do this with anything else.
I don't know how to copy the 3-D profile.
Do you do Dropbox if so I can send the files that way.
If you can help I would appriciate it very much.


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Re: Farm Sign

Post by JamesB »

Palmetto WW - the sign looks great.

WoodenCreation995 - my best suggestion is to drop an email to with some screen shots attached to help describe the problem you are having more clearly and they will be able to help. If they want to see the file then they can arrange that with you.


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Re: Farm Sign

Post by Stonemason101 »


is this more or less what you want to achieve?
tree in curve.jpg

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