Grain - Luck of the draw

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Grain - Luck of the draw

Post by Xxray »

This piece graphically demonstrates the wild variances that can occur with 3D modeling - And not only grain, but color as well, as the router bit reveals different portions of wood at different levels.
We all try to chose our work pieces with this in mind. We set things up so that grain will go a certain way, and try to anticipate as much as possible the end result.
But there is no way possible anyone could have predicted something like this. Especially in a wood like poplar, which often has different colors at different depths. Almost uncanny how the forehead, brows, nose, lips, mustache and parts of the beard are swathed in light colored wood surrounded by darker, almost as if drawn by hand.

Wasn't quite sure if it was good luck or bad at first, I thought it looked almost catoonish. The light colot on the forehead makes it look like a bump, when it is in fact very smooth. But it looked better with a coat of gloss [no stain on this one, tis all natural wood], and I'm happy with this unique piece.
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Re: Grain - Luck of the draw

Post by dhellew2 »

Still a very nice job!

With wood it is nearly always a crap-shoot but it can often be lessened by grain and cut orientation. Vertical grain in this case would have lessened the effect of the grain contrast by the direction of light reflection and shadow on the carving. Since most light sources are over head, horizontal grain in conjunction with parallel raster cutting lines reflects more light and contrast than vertical grain with vertical raster cut lines.

Bottom line it is still educated guess by looking at the end and side grain and the luck of the draw.
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