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by MatMo
Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:44 am
Forum: Aspire - Tips and Tricks
Topic: Starting Position on work piece
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Re: Starting Position on work piece

Hi, I am having some problems with this - although I designate a starting point the profile toolpath ignores it (sometimes). I have been making some dovetails using the Dovetail Gadget and the cut is starting in some really odd places like the corner of the tail etc - meaning there is no room for a ...
by MatMo
Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:53 pm
Forum: Gadgets - Releases
Topic: Dovetail - Toolpath Gadgets
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Re: Dovetail - Toolpath Gadgets

Hi, I am trying out the dovetail gadget for the first time - to make some small drawers. But I'm having trouble with the pins - they are being drawn outside the rectangle rather than inside. The tails work fine. As far as I can tell I have followed the instructions exactly as on the video - any sugg...