cutting wingribs using new tab feature

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cutting wingribs using new tab feature

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Just a few examples of wingrib cutting using the new version of cut 2d with tabs feature.The dxf files were loaded into cut 2d,the tabs added,and parts cut and dry assembled onto spars in little over an hour.And Im a slow methodical worker!(The ribs are a perfect fit on the spars).The depth of tab feature allows you to machine a full profile and gives you a line to sand back to.The finished parts can be removed from the sheet using light finger pressure to crack the tabs.
I have been testing various 2d toolpath software packages over the last few months to ship with my desktop modeller cnc router.My search is over.Cut 2d really is champagne software for lemonade money.
I have no connection with vectric whatsoever,just a satisfied customer.
Many thanks
Andrew Dale
Minimach Ltd

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SwweeeeT.. Nicely done.

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