Faulty Serial cable

Faulty Serial cable

Postby tafkadaz » Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:17 am

Hi There i am clutching at straws here but thought i would ask anyway.
I currently own a Heiz cnc machine that i use Win PC USB with and all works fine.
I recently upgraded to WIN PC Pro, and have had issues with getting it to communicate with the new cerial controller and the machine controllers.
They are all fully compatible.
What i am wondering is what are the pinouts on the serial cable used should they all be the same eg pin 1 to pin 1, this is the cable between the pc serial port and the serial connector on the control box, not the paralell cable that connects from the control box to the machine controller.
Is it a standard serial port lead?
I know the answer may not be same with all machine/configs but whilst waiting for WIN Pc i thought i would ask.
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