fairy tree Hybrid CNC Chainsaw art work.

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fairy tree Hybrid CNC Chainsaw art work.

Postby scottart » Wed May 01, 2019 6:13 am

I have a chainsaw yard at our gallery and get more than a few projects for Gnome and Fairy carvings in Stumps. This lady had very specific ideas for a fairy stepping out of an over sized knot in small tree..

So following is some glimpses into submitting and idea in a small carving, changes to the model, testing colors, than CNC work to create a piece that could be added to the tree, than chainsaw carving to blend it into the tree. finally a look at the corrected model after i could see the issues in the original aspire model.

The Aspire model was created from a photo she provided. I got her the first sample carving the day after our initial meeting and wrapped up the order with a little Aspire magic.

At this point I will add a few more CNC features to the tree, a door, a window, stair cases... than finish carving next week. the client is leaning toward no paint.. There will also be a half a dozen or so CNC vine leaves used to cover and seems that can be seen between the tree and the CNC work. Should end up with a little Chainsaw owl on top Saturday. I will post some more pictures than ..

Fun project,, thanks for looking.

hope to meet a few of you in Denver.

tree fairy test carve. .jpg
first test carving
tree fairy prototype..jpg
color test on 20" x 8" test carving
tree fairy on a board ready fof tree. .jpg
this is the 22" x 14" block ready to install in the tree
tree fairy in tree a.jpg
the CNC work installed in the tree. Chainsaw work has begun
tree fairy in tree B.jpg
a look from further back, should have taken a shot before starting the Chainsaw work. the tree was a straight, featureless post.
final tree fairy model.jpg
The final adjusted Aspire model after carving I get a chance to go back and correct problems with the digital model in this case there were leaves around her waist that laid wrong, and problems with the eyes and part of her hair were corrected.
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Re: fairy tree Hybrid CNC Chainsaw art work.

Postby WNC_Ed » Wed May 01, 2019 11:20 am

Wow, spectacular stuff!
Looking forward to more pictures.
Congrats on the order it was well earned.
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Re: fairy tree Hybrid CNC Chainsaw art work.

Postby dah79 » Wed May 01, 2019 12:37 pm

Another very inspiring and very creative piece of art, Scott! Great job.

Don't know if Vectric has any open spots left for Denver, but I for one would be interested in seeing how Scott creates his masterpieces and takes them to the next level with paint. I think we could convince Scott to do it..

Anyone else want to see Scott do a presentation in Denver??
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Re: fairy tree Hybrid CNC Chainsaw art work.

Postby garylmast » Wed May 01, 2019 1:04 pm

I agree, spectacular work. I like the painted version, it catches the eye better.

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