Running finishing toolpaths in reverse?

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Running finishing toolpaths in reverse?

Postby dtorney » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:23 pm

Calculated finishing paths start at the center of the basin and proceed
to the rim. Is there an easy way to run them in reverse: starting at the rim
and proceeding to the center? I asked Charlie, at Vectric, but I didn't get an
answer, as far as I know. My toolpaths are in .mmg (Axiom) format.

For finishing the inside of a bowl, it's preferable for finishing paths
to start at the rim and proceed to the center of the basin. This
would reduce the slope of the bowl's sides during carving, whereas
proceeding from the center increases the slope. Increased slope
reduces clearance, to the walls, of the nut which holds the bit.
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