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Unbranded PDF Models Catalog

Postby Fred Grover » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:58 pm

Ok, I have seen on other peoples websites an option for them to have a PDF Catalog with Categories for the different Models people can choose from to use on one of their sign(s). This is a nice option to have for Marketing on your website and to show future clients/buyers the options that are offered for what they can have carved/made. Can anyone tell me where to get this and how it is implemented on a website please as I would like to have this option to do in the near future. Thanks everyone and I hope this makes sense. If not and it is allowed I can put a ink to a website that has what I am asking about to show what it is. Have a great day/night.

Cheers - Fred.

P.S. I know when it was VectorArt 3D they had an option but now it is Design and Make and I do not see this option anymore. Would be nice to have this option as it is great for marketing and would help both the users of the software/clinets and us to make money with our designs. :D
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