Flourish Possibilities Are Endless - New D&M Project

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Flourish Possibilities Are Endless - New D&M Project

Postby Todd Bailey » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:05 pm

This post is for all the Design and Make enthusiasts out there!

Just a quick post to keep you up to date on what is new over at www.DesignandMake.com.


Introducing our latest project - Panel No.4 - Flourishes - https://store.designandmake.com/shop/product/17421

Have you always liked the look of flourishes but couldn't find that perfect one that would fit your CNC project? Maybe you were looking for a flourish motif that you could carry through multiple projects but needed to fill different spaces.

With this panel project, you can use the same set of models to create many different layouts to fit almost any project. That's right, just a slight adjustment to a mantel layout and you have an applique for a dresser drawer or backsplash.

8 models, 1 assembled layout and 1 Project Sheet. All offered in .V3M format for VCarve Pro 8, VCarve Desktop or Aspire.

All the models can be machined separately, combined to make a much more complicated part or hacked together with other project models or some from your own library.


Take a look at our weekly hacks... http://designandmakeit.com/index.php/ca ... tes/hacks/

Check out what other Design and Make users have been up to - http://designandmakeit.com/index.php/ca ... mer-focus/

Don't forget to follow us on:

FB - https://www.facebook.com/designandmakeit
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/designandmakeit/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/DesignAndMakeIt

Be safe and let the chips fly!
Panel No.4 - Flourishes - Example No.5.jpg
Possible Layout
Panel No.4 - Flourishes - Example No.2.jpg
Another Possible Layout
Panel No.4 - Flourishes - All Models.jpg
All 8 Models
Panel No.4 - Flourishes - Assembly.jpg
Assembled Layout
Panel No.4 - Flourishes - Hack 1.jpg
Check out this Project Hack
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