Developer: mobdebug.lua file after upgrade

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Developer: mobdebug.lua file after upgrade

Postby CNCDaveToo » Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:08 am

Heeheehee, I'm _sure_ that _none_ of you would ever forget to do this, but some of us (me) are a little slow on the uptake, so I thought I'd post this as a reminder to myself the next time I spend a couple of hours barking at the computer....

When upgrading to a new version of the software and expecting your gadgets to work in debug mode, it really, really helps when you remember to copy the mobdebug.lua file into the respective upgrade directory. For me it was a jolly time re-remembering this for a couple of hours today. I found that when I copied my the mobdebug.lua file into my
...\Program Files\VCarve Pro 9.5\Lua

subdirectory, it made that annoying "attempt to load nil" go away and had the gadget working again so very nicely.

Just a tip from your old Uncle Dave....
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Re: Developer: mobdebug.lua file after upgrade

Postby jimandi5000 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:23 am

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the info... I just loaded the Lua IDE and I was digging a round for how to link Vcarve and the only place I found it in a video. I am thinking this should be in the SDK document.

What are your thoughts?
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