Business card holder

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Business card holder

Postby rtibbs2018 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:40 pm

My take on Michaels Business Card Holder from an older POM
Instead of two 3/4" pieces, I laminated 1/4" Mahogany & Curly maple and added the recipients name on top.

Card holder.jpg
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Re: Business card holder

Postby jay pieper » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:13 pm

Projects always look nice when you laminate wood together, it just looks like
you went the extra mile.
thanks for posting, always fun to see what people are doing
jay pieper
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Re: Business card holder

Postby mark-s » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:28 pm

Very nice take on the biz card holder.
Like it alot.
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Re: Business card holder

Postby scottp55 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:30 pm

That Curly really makes that Ron!! :)
Either a Very clean cut, or fine sanding, or both? :D
Should be well received! :)
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Re: Business card holder

Postby Daner » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:59 pm

Nice Idea
Im going to give this a try some rainy day

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Re: Business card holder

Postby mtylerfl » Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:01 pm

What a great idea, Ron! That is beautiful!
Michael Tyler

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Re: Business card holder

Postby sharkcutup » Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:17 am

Interesting ---- Is that 7 or 8 Laminated pieces?

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