Old Tray - Lives again

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Old Tray - Lives again

Postby Papa_Paul » Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:02 am

Project for my grand daughter who lives in Texas.

The original tray was made from some scrape material over 20 years ago. My grand daughter recently broke a souvenir UK tray a couple of weeks ago and my son asked me if I could make her a new one during his visit from Texas. I brought the old tray that had been relegated to the shed into the house get some basic measurements and my son asked if I could do something with it; other than making a completely new one. My grand daughter wanted some type of flowers on it since she is studying horticulture, so I imported the image of a poppy from a bit map and added her name with a imported flourish image.

Hopefully it will have another 20 years of life.
Old Tray_web.jpg
Refreshed tray 1_web1.jpg
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