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Box gadget Question

Postby newcarver » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:45 am

I am new to Aspire and have been playing around with the box making gadget V9. I have a few newbie questions if anyone can help.
I sometimes get a box that just won't fit together meaning 1/8 too big or 1/16th too small. I usually run an 1/8 end mill with the tool path cutting on the line. I set the gap to .005. Do you have to run the tool path to cut on the line or outside of the line?
The gaps i am getting is about half the diameter of my 1/8" end mill.

My other question is if i want to make alot of boxes on a 4x4 plywood sheet can you copy and paste the first box or should you use array function?

I noticed when you try to move the box the original outline of the box always stays in the LH corner of my project. I like to move it over some so i can place a clamp there.
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