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Toolpath Formula Reader

Postby CNCDaveToo » Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:21 pm

Document Variables are great -- until I goof and don't update one of my toolpaths correctly or use a toolpath template that doesn't use the document variable(s) (yet).

I wrote a quick gadget to read Document Variables and Toolpaths with the intent of adding functionality to scan through all of the toolpath *Formula fields to find usage of any Document Variables and display them all together to ensure I didn't fat-finger any. (Future feature is to add it to the job Notes to be displayed with the Job Sheet.)

I see from the Vectric Lua Interface Documentation 2.04 (21 Aug 2017) that I can create *ParameterData when building a new toolpath, but I can't read the parameter data for an existing toolpath. Am I missing a page in the document, or do I have an old copy?

In my perfect world, I could walk the toolpath list and access the toolpath parameter data for each toolpath:

Code: Select all

Is this (or anything similar) possible with the Lua interface?
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