Radius All Corners V9 - Auto Run Compatible

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Radius All Corners V9 - Auto Run Compatible

Postby seanm » Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:55 pm

With the update to V9, the Radius All Corners Gadget has been updated to incorporate some new features,
It is now compatible with our NEW "Auto Run" Feature.
This means the gadget has been redesigned to look more like a normal Vectric tool form and can be set to run automatically with the last used settings without showing the form and also be assigned to a keyboard shortcut for ultimate efficiency.
To find out more information about this and how to make the most out of this gadget, check the link below

Radius All Corners

Must be closed vectors, can process either grouped or non grouped vectors,
Text must be converted to curves before using them with this gadget.

Options include:
Radius Options:
Internal Corners - Radius you want to apply to all the internal corners
External Corners - Radius you want to apply to all the External corners

Vector Options:
Replace Currently Selected? - If selected will delete currently selected vectors whilst creating new ones, else will create new alongside originals.

Layer Options:
Create Vectors on New Layer? - If selected will create radiused vectors on a new layer of the given name, else will create the vectors on the original layer the selected vector was on.

Gadget Run Options:
Run Gadget & Show Form? - This option if checked will display the form as normal upon next opening. If unchecked will run automatically without displaying the options and will use
the previously used settings.

Download Here

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Re: Radius All Corners V9 - Auto Run Compatible

Postby Kayvon » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:56 pm

Has the gadget API been changed in v9? I'm still on v8.5 and I understood there was no planned development for increased API capability.
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