Free Project - Handy Napkin Holder

Free Project - Handy Napkin Holder

Postby Stephanie Downing » Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:11 pm

Another fantastic free project courtesy of Michael Tyler.

Here’s a new and unique accessory for your dining tabletop - the “Handy” Napkin Holder! (Sorry about the pun!)

This project features a pair of hands clasping a slice of bread on both sides of the holder, while keeping a stack of napkins “sandwiched” between the slices. The hand models were created in Aspire for a previous Vectric project called “The Reader Magazine Rack”. (The hands are my own - I used a photo of them as a guide when making the models in Aspire.)

I borrowed those hand models from that project, created a slice of bread model and combined them together in Aspire. I then exported the composite model as a STL file and imported it into VCarve to layout the napkin holder project.

Download the free project files from your V&CO account now:
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