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Machine Setups

Postby cbr_speedster » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:20 pm

I was reading the post about mounting the spoil board and resurfacing and was interested in how others mount parts to the table. I know most clamp parts, use double sided tape, hot glue, vacuum, nail, screw or whatever, but I've cut a lot of parts over the years and haven't resurfaced my spoil board yet. I'll start by sharing a simple way to save your spoil board.
If I'm cutting a 3D part that I need to cut past the bottom of the part I first mount it to a certain sized throw away board that fits between the T-tracks. I screw the blank to the board where I know it's not going to cut then clamp that to the table. I use these throw away boards many times before scrapping and the spoil board is never touched. You can clamp it or vacuum it with no problem. This way my clamps are far enough from the work to not interfere and my parts are mounted securely. I'd like to see other ideas and learn something in the process.

Re: Machine Setups

Postby FixitMike » Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:02 pm

My CNC has a table that consists of T-slot aluminum extrusions. If I need a spoil board for thru cuts, I just place a piece of 1/4" mdf underneath the material before clamping it.

I use both Rockler clamps : or Shop Fox cam clamps ... s+shop+fox

The Shop Fox clamps I modified by replacing the socket head cap screw with a hex head cap screw plus spacer. The socket head screw socket kept getting filled with sawdust so I couldn't stick the hex key into it. Rockler now has a somewhat similar clamp that is better designed.

The clamps that I use:
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Re: Machine Setups

Postby cbr_speedster » Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:14 pm

Thanks for your input Mike. I was hoping others with some unique setups would respond also. Maybe once this post resurfaces to the top we'll hear from others. Or maybe I listed everything already...

Re: Machine Setups

Postby Adrian » Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:36 pm

You've posted in an odd section for a question/subject like that. It's not really anything to do with Post Processors which is probably why you're not getting many views.

There have been a lot of threads on the subject in the past . If you do a forum or google site search (clamps hold down clamping you'll get loads of ideas.

Here's one I posted a few years back. My machine is very differently setup now but those clamps worked great for the projects I was doing back then - viewtopic.php?p=92041#p92041
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