Post request -1999yr SCM Routech 120s ( Num1020) PC-MMI

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Post request -1999yr SCM Routech 120s ( Num1020) PC-MMI

Postby cogworks » Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:26 pm

I have been an Aspire user for some time and am looking forward to the new aspire upgrade. Up to date I have been using the WinCNC PC based controller on some lighter weight machines 2000lbs or so ( 48" by 60" work area). I recently got hold of an SCM 120S, 10000lbs, which falls in the heavy weight category for me. I am trying to figure out if an aspire post is available, the software PC interface to the num 1020W controller is what is called PC-MMI. The tools I use for design are Aspire and other software, they get the job done at reasonable cost. I have the machine fully functional and everything has been tested using Mcodes and Gcodes via the NUM MMI PC interface.

I have attached a file ( normally called a .xpi file on the machine) can the vectric team let me know if you can do a post or let me know if a post is already available? Thanks very much. If anybody else wants to chip in with any information of comments it would be appreciated

The SCM North America team have not been very helpful. I do not want to go down the Alphacam route because I am very happy with the tools I have and money is an issue. I am confused about the Xilog platform and if Xilog can be run on this year machine. I think Xilog may even just get in the way, but I know nothing about it so better keep my mouth shut. If I can operate Gcode l similar to WinCNC I am happy.

Naively, I thought I could just call SCM and ask them to forward the Xilog disks and operating manual, but of course they wanted to make a meal out of it saying a 2 day trip is required etc, expenses, etc --- $5000.00----. Not impressed, I have purchased other SCM stationary machines and love the brand but the attitude of the customer service is disappointing at best. If you are lost in the desert do not ask SCM for directions to the nearest watering hole !!!
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Re: Post request -1999yr SCM Routech 120s ( Num1020) PC-MMI

Postby ssflyer » Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:41 pm

Not sure if it will work for you, but I see that Aspire comes with an SCM Xilog mm post processor...
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Re: Post request -1999yr SCM Routech 120s ( Num1020) PC-MMI

Postby cogworks » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:54 pm

Thanks for the reply. I am not an expert but it seems there are 2 types of PC interfaces to this machines NUM 1020W premium controller. Xilog etc, which is SCM graphical type software and NUM MMI which is a more of an old school gcode interface. For some reason on early North American SCM machines they used the NUM PC interface called NUM MMI. In Europe at that time they were using Xilog, so I have been told. Now all SCM machines use Xilog. I have been told by the Gods that putting Xilog on a non shipped Xilog machine would be akin to sending a manned flight to Mars.

The post you mentioned creates code that does not look like traditional gcode. Probably, because Xilog is a different beast of an interface maybe full of 1's and 0's.

I have tried to get a manual for the machine's NUM MMI interface without any luck, like pulling teeth. Even though on SCM's website they have a full parts breakdown down to the last bolt, basic operating manuals seem to illusive. This does not make much sense to me. I plod on waiting for a break.

The NUM controller in Vectric post library is probably the closest. I was hoping to find some other woodworker or Vectric " boffin " who is harnessing the power of this machine, without Xilog, with ASPIRE, so we can compare notes. Is has a 10 position tool changer and 4 vertical and 4 horiz boring selectable heads.

Here is hoping ....
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Re: Post request -1999yr SCM Routech 120s ( Num1020) PC-MMI

Postby bwmccall » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:35 pm


Were you ever able to get your machine running? I am in the same boat with an SCM Tech 99L that I bought used. They are holding the tech info hostage for about $6K, with no guarantee that it will get the machine running. I would really like to just bypass Xilog and work with something open source so that I don't have to pay SCM for the rest of my life.
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Re: Post request -1999yr SCM Routech 120s ( Num1020) PC-MMI

Postby Adrian » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:51 pm

There are lots of posts from people with similiar issues some who have found workarounds.

Search for SCM XILOG and you'll get most of them. Hopefully you can find a resolution there.
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Re: Post request -1999yr SCM Routech 120s ( Num1020) PC-MMI

Postby GG33 » Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:02 am


I realise this thread is few years old, but it seems your questions are the same as mine.

I have a SCM record 120 router and would love to know the easiest way to drive this machine with large CAM programs (to big for floppies) in basic G-code mode via the NUM-MMI setup.
Have you have upgraded your PC to a windows XP platform? Or are you using DNC software and drip feeding via serial port?
I have not yet had any success and really need some help from someone who has been down this road and knows the difficulty of figuring it out alone.
I have searched the internet for weeks and rung every tech guy in the industry and cant find anyone who seems to know. Even the SCM guys don't wanna go there.
I would really appreciate any input that anyone has on this subject, cause right now i am really struggling.

GG33 !
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Re: Post request -1999yr SCM Routech 120s ( Num1020) PC-MMI

Postby Dkidd » Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:49 pm

Just wondering if you ever made progress on your quest to drive your machine without using the standard serial port / old software setup? I have a Record 130 and would like to modernize as well.
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