Wooden Stem Wine Glass

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Wooden Stem Wine Glass

Postby davemartin88 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:26 am

The thread related to making a tapered octagon on the rotary helped me figure out how to get started on a wood stem for a wine glass, thanks Randall for the explanation! Here's my first try using the rotary to cut these, I used two different scraps of wood, the lighter one is mulberry and the darker is a piece of pine. I like the shape and just have to figure out how to finish these most easily once the rotary has done the big job. I'll move them to a regular lathe to part the piece out from the blank and turn the indentations for the glass to fit on top and to make the base concave so it will set level. Fun project so far. The wine glass bowl will be laser etched with a design and then both glasses will be paired with a wine butler with a similar design. Just work in progress but think it will work out for the gift I'm trying to make. Plan now is to use cherry for the stems.
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