4th axis on a Heiz 1000

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4th axis on a Heiz 1000

Postby daibeer » Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:39 pm

This is a Zero3 Controller
Ive been pondering on the idea of adding a 4th Axis to my Heiz 1000T. I have looked on Protools site and there is no way I can afford the near £1000.00 for it so I am looking at other options. Ebay are selling them from £120.00 to £300.00 and they are not all from China. I have no ideal how to install one on my machine but I have noticed that the connector is different ( I think). I have att. an image of my Controller. So, I am asking advice from anyone who has a Heiz machine and a 4th axis, specifically about the installation and not the maching part, YET!. So if anyone can help, I would be grateful.
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