speed for cheap 3d probe?

speed for cheap 3d probe?

Postby JoeM » Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:55 pm

Short: Anyone here using one of those cheap (under $150) probes? With a "hobby" CNC? If so - what kind of feed rate are you using?

Long: I've got an Econo-probe coming in mail on Friday. I'll be using it on a small cnc router (shapeoko like, but not). I'll be using it to scan small objects and don't really want to spend 12 hours digitizing a quarter if I can safely do it in 3....
I assume the speed limit will have something to do with how fast the contact signal gets from the probe, through 4' of wire, to the control board, through 2' of wire, to my computer, along with how fast it takes the "stop!, go backwards now" signal to go from the computer, through the wires/board to the machine. If someone has already successfully done the math I'd really appreciate some numbers to start with.

I'm using LinuxCNC with a C10 breakout board to the parallel port - none of that USB wifi browser-based stuff all the cool kids seem to be using these days.
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