Vbits and Text Examples

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Vbits and Text Examples

Postby TheWoodForge » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:50 am

Hi all,

Just started working on a few small projects, and am looking at texts. Now I don't have a vbit so will have to get one, but I was wondering if anyone have examples of good fonts to use and what vbit was used with them? I'm wanting the text to be about 7-10mm.

I know its a bit of a broad subject and have searched for texts, but if I can get a good vbit then I can to a font test board

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Re: Vbits and Text Examples

Postby Leo » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:16 pm


These are a few brands that have decent bits.

There are 50 or so more brands and vendors.

You can buy at Amazon, direct or at 100 or so more places.

Depending on size and style of whatever you are wanting to do - you can get 120 degree, 90, 60, 30 15 degree angles, some are pointy tip, some are rounded tip.

Without a specific example of what you want to do, it's difficult to make any sort of specific recommendation.
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Re: Vbits and Text Examples

Postby davemartin88 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:05 pm

The good news is you don’t have to own a bit to try it out using the preview function. If you haven’t done so already, define a few Vbits in your tool database and see how they look on any font you have installed. Make a test project with fonts sized 7-10 mm and the toolpath preview will give all you should be able to decide the best bit angle? Sorry to suggest this if you’ve already done this. Good luck.
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Re: Vbits and Text Examples

Postby highpockets » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:05 pm

There are some fonts that work better for vcarving better than others, but I don't recommend getting yourself stuck in a rut of using just certain fonts. I spend more time looking for just the right font then if need be I node edit the font to make it work for vcarving. Using the vcarve toolpath you can still get a lot of detail with small size type. I've carved as small as 2.5mm. It's not just about the font it's also about wood and wood prep.

My hero on small type project is Scottp5, hopefully he will chime in on this....
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Re: Vbits and Text Examples

Postby TheWoodForge » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:30 am

Thanks guys for the advice. Think I rushed it abit and completely forgot that I also have an engraving bit so will probably mock something up with different text to see what best fits!
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Re: Vbits and Text Examples

Postby mezalick » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:43 am

If you're looking for great professionally designed fonts then I would strongly suggest you look thru the "Letterhead Fonts" website..

It don't get much better than that.

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Re: Vbits and Text Examples

Postby newmexico » Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:20 pm


Fat fonts seem best IMHO.
Yes, Letterhead fonts are great.
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Re: Vbits and Text Examples

Postby sharkcutup » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:58 pm

Bullet Holes ???

I believe she is beyond 'mad' she is looking for BLOOD!!!


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