Using up leftover LED strips

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Using up leftover LED strips

Postby gkas » Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:47 pm

I've been making acrylic back lit night lights for the grandkids. I usually buy this light kit from Amazon because it has the controller and a nice power supply, etc. Except, after the project is complete, I have about 15 feet of 5050 LEDs. I sorted out my junk drawer (cabinet :roll: ) and separated all of the 12V wall warts. Since I'm terrible at miniscule soldering, I went to Amazon for some connectors. I figured if I soldered all the R+G+B connections from a tab together, then a single 12V, I'd get white. Yippee! I was correct.

I bought these connectors at Amazon If you cut the cable in half, you can get two solderable connections.

The trick to rewiring these is which end to use after you cut off a strip of LEDs. One end of the strip is R-G-B-12V and the other is 12V-R-G-B. Strip the weatherproof plastic from the end, connect the connector, and you're ready to go. DO NOT forget to test before soldering it all up. They are finicky to get in the connector, and you have to make sure you have the correct polarity.

Now I can use up all the leftover LEDs in other projects where I want a little light. This started out by building a light bar for the top of my 3D printer.
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