Speed and Feed Tools

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Speed and Feed Tools

Postby pringuette » Thu May 31, 2018 2:18 am


Is there a good, free, tool that you wiz kids use to help set your speeds and feeds?

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Re: Speed and Feed Tools

Postby cbr_speedster » Thu May 31, 2018 1:19 pm

And in two years when you have all these charts figured out throw them away and use what works for you and your machine,,, remember, you can't cut what you can't hold... Machine rigidity, Depth of cut, Clamping vs. tape, Bit length, Bit style, Diameter, 1 flute, 2 flute, 4 flute, roughing, finishing, full width cut, step over cuts, plunge cuts, knotty wood, wood grain.... It's rocket science... hahaha

Re: Speed and Feed Tools

Postby SCW » Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:29 am

I gave up trying to calculate speed & feed rates and chip loading and all that nonsense after the first few hours of running my machine... ;-)

Depending on the type of bit, I'll feed somewhere between 0.75-1.5 in/sec on my machine. So far, I tend to run all of my bits between 18,000-15,000 rpm. I'll set my pass depth upto 1/2 of the bit diameter, but typically no more than 1/8" deep per pass. I'm even using the super cheap bits from Amazon (up-cut and 2-flutes) with good results.

But if I'm running a new bit or on a new species of wood, I'll set the run speed on my handheld controller down to 50% run speed. If I quickly see that the bit and wood can handle those settings, then I'll cancel the program. Then I'll rerun the same program but with the handheld controller's run speed at 75% (or even 100% if I'm confidant I'm not going to snap a bit or chew up the wood). Then I'll go back into Aspire's tool database and tweak the default speed and feeds for what I find that works for my bits.

I agree with CBR_speedster - I've found that typically, one of two things happens when you push your bits too hard:
1) the wood shifts in your clamps, or
2) your router will have insufficient torque to follow the calculated toolpath and so your router is no longer where the controller thinks it is.

Bottom line... start off with a slower feed & speed and then increase the rates every time you run the bit. You'll quickly learn where the sweet spot is.
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