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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:16 pm
by dhellew2
When gluing stacked [layered] gears do you find alignment very difficult?
This is the method I use.... by using ready available inexpensive paper clamps, and it works every time
Many sizes are available
stacked gear alignment.png

1. align the teeth [left photo]
2. clamp the teeth together [right photo]
3. add a drop of super glue at various points to bond the gears together
4. when cutting gears from Baltic birch plywood which is almost never flat, I flip and cut every other one so they are flat once glued together

I prefer Loctite professional liquid super glue for this job [available at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.]
1. it seeps into the joint between the gears very fast
2. in a liquid state it does not set [blot up excess with a paper towel and it sets instantly]

A few tips for Laser users that works for me:
1. Shop vac
a. Pickup small cutoff waste pieces
b. [carefully - don't touch] to suck up dust from the lens and mirrors
c. to prolong the need for cleaning the machine by sucking up excess loose smoke and dust
2. Battery powered blower [canned air, low pressure DRY air, etc.] [best done while the machine exhaust system is running]
a. increase time between lens and mirror cleaning
3. Work support table
a. keeping your support table clean reduces underside smoke on your parts
b. Small amounts of smoke residue can be removed with window cleaner with amonia [do not use on lens or mirrors]
c. for heavy amounts of build-up I remove and soak the part in a solution of water with TSP [found in most store paint departments] [caution: use rubber gloves when using TSP]
d. we use TSP and a garden sprayer to clean walls/ceilings covered with smoke and/or grease