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Moulding Toolpath

Postby mikeacg » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:22 pm

Had an opportunity to try out the new Aspire moulding toolpath option and have to say I really love how it works! I put a laundry area in my dining room (I have a stackable washer/dryer there) with a laundry chute from upstairs and a dirty clothes bin at the bottom for laundry from the main floor. I wanted to try and make it fit in by matching the cabinet door profile from the kitchen but using white PVC for a clean look (I had a bunch of leftover 1/2" from sign jobs). Drew up a profile (3/4" on the kitchen cabinets), reduced the height for the 1/2" stock and tweaked it a bit to make more flat areas in an effort to speed up the process of cutting. The doors came out great and took about 35 minutes to cut each one including bit changes. Still needs paint and trim. I will be putting crown molding around the room so please ignore the large, ugly gaps around the top!

Will definitely be looking for more chances to do this kind of work!
These are the kitchen cabinets I copied...
Hamper section during construction
Takes up very little room and gives me space for books in addition to hiding the dirty laundry...
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