Marking Templates for parking lots

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Marking Templates for parking lots

Postby CarveOne » Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:56 am

Here is something that those of you looking to make money with your full sheet size cnc machines.

A local friend applies black top sealer on parking lots and re-marks the NO PARKING, FIRE LANE< RESERVED, and the handicap symbol with spray cans of marking paint. He asked me if I could make three each of the NO PARKING and FIRE Lane templates. He brought six half sheets for me to use. It takes his son a full day to make and clean up one 3/8" pine half sheet template. I tried it, and I can cut one in about 16 minutes or so using a bosch 1/4" down spiral router bit. Little or no clean up is required.

The photo shows two templates on the machine table. I have modified the Aspire file to use a full sheet, cut two templates, then separate the templates with a profile cut down the middle instead of cutting the sheet on a table saw. The text height is 12.0" and is a modified stencil font.

He says the CNC cut templates have much cleaner edges on painted markings than their hand made templates. (Well, duh ...)

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