Project for my local college

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Project for my local college

Postby Kennys woodworking » Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:28 pm

Hi all I am not much of a person that gets on and post in the forum due to being so busy. But I figured this project is definitely post worthy. A little about myself I started my company about 3 years ago Kennys Custom Woodworking I have 2 4x8ft cnc machines that I built myself. I mainly cut letters and monograms that I wholesale to gift shops and collegiate stores mainly in the southeast and do various cabinet and furniture jobs locally around my hometown. I purchased aspire about 3 years ago definitely the best decision ever. Recently a local company that has ties to FSU came to me and asked me if I could do a project for them I agreed. This project got me the opportunity to really play with this software and put its true capabilities to work. After taking a photograph of the helmet. I then took the photograph and worked up the 3d image for both items. After a few minor design changes made by them this is what I got to fabricate. Both this items where done in hdu sign board 2"s thick and then finished off with automotive paint to look like bronze another job that was a daunting task that I had to learn. The helmet was layered 4 times to a total thickness of 8 inches. And the logo layered 2 times. Both items are located on the campus. Anyways really busy now so here is the picture of the outcome of the items. I will try to get into more of a habit of posting pictures of some of my new jobs as I complete them. And kudos to aspire for the awesome cnc software absolutely the best.
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Re: Project for my local collage

Postby buck4 » Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:49 pm

Beautiful work, and great job on the finish !!!
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Re: Project for my local collage

Postby MTSO » Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:14 pm

WOW............they look great. how long did they take to machine?. I'm also interested in a ball park price that you would charge for that, ball park only, just trying to see what people expect to pay for this sort of thing. only if you want to share, i know its a bit "personnal". love the finishes


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Re: Project for my local collage

Postby scottart » Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:23 am

great work on both pieces and the layering and the paint job. Bravo..
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Re: Project for my local collage

Postby angelandthebear » Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:39 pm

once again we need a "like" button on the forum.... wow!

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Re: Project for my local collage

Postby GaryR6 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:28 pm

Wow no wonder it looks so good, look who helped him........
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Re: Project for my local collage

Postby mfirlott » Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:54 am

I love the depth in the helmet...looks soooo 3D. Great job!
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Re: Project for my local collage

Postby Dustmite » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:29 pm

Your layering is fantastic! It appears seamless! Did you dowel pin it or... How did you align the layers?
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Re: Project for my local collage

Postby RhoTu » Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:22 pm

Very well done! Fun and interesting project.

As a side note, I think you might want to take a course or two from them. They might teach you the difference between collage and college :lol:

Sorry, couldn't resist. Keep up the good work!
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Re: Project for my local college

Postby angelandthebear » Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:06 pm

very cool!!!
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