slats layout

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slats layout

Postby Al Allison » Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:25 pm

Can anyone point me to a tutorial on the layout geometry of a set of "slats", say for a contour chair. I want to place a number of slats on a curved profile for a chair seat. Slats are 1.5" x .75" I want a .5" spacing between the slats on the top, where you sit, so they will all have the same "feel", and whatever it takes to fit the curve of the seat on the bottom of the slats.

I am trying to make the curve of the seat,
then offset it by .75", '
make a profile of the slat,
and space that slat profile with .5" spacing on the offset of the curve of the seat profile.
Then the slat bottom should fall on the seat profile

I am having trouble getting the repeated placement of the slat profile to be spaced from the top edge of the slat.

TIA for suggestions.
Al Allison
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