Using the Sketchup Import Function

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Using the Sketchup Import Function

Postby TReischl » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:12 pm

Took me a while to get around to this, but this morning I was firing on more than one brain cell so had a go at it.

I use the free version of Sketchup (call me cheap)

Also downloaded an stl plugin which was also free (got even cheaper), but more about why I did that later in this post.

Here is what happens when a straight skp file is imported:

Sketchup File.JPG

Not so good, lots of facets and no way I have found to control them in Sketchup.

By the way, this is a "lathe object" created using the "follow me" tool.

I tried upping the number of segments for the circle that is used to extrude the vase, but that did not help until I started using the stl plugin.
What did help was using an stl plugin I found for free. Still has facets, but not so bad. This gets better as it goes along.

Sketchup STL File.JPG

Here it is being imported into Aspire:

Sketchup Imported.JPG

Still faceted.

Of course the shape is like 3 inches thick, so it needs to be flattened out. Here it is at .25 thick, notice the facets are for all practical purposes gone. I did not apply any smoothing. I did do some rotating about the X axis while importing so that the mouth of the vase can be seen.

Sketchup Shape Height Set.JPG

IMHO, this feature in Aspire is OUTSTANDING!

It does not take much to do it, just remember to increase the number of segments when creating things that are circular in form. Don't go crazy, I used 128 segments on this one. I tried 512 for the heck of it, whoa. . . .not a good idea unless you really like watching that little spinning donut.

I have seen posts on here about creating ramped surfaces, how to get them accurate, etc. Using the Sketchup import feature it is child's play. Another great Aspire feature from the Vectric Team.
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Re: Using the Sketchup Import Function

Postby Phil » Thu May 01, 2014 2:54 pm

Nice write up, thanks for posting.

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