Happy New Years Fellows

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Happy New Years Fellows

Postby cabnet636 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:06 pm

Happy New Year to All

i have been a self employed woodworker all my working life (owned a bar or two in between) i swore for many years i would never own a cnc machine!! all i saw was massive iron that looked more like a tank in iraq than a tool with endless capability.

in my work i have reached most if not all goals i set for my self, i have been blessed to have been asked to build woodwork from bird houses to federal courthouses, had my work featured and admired ( or at least they put on a good act!!)

But this year

i was eating lunch and saw a carvewright comercial, bought one! realized real quick it was limited but it did what it was supposed to do!, met Bill Glenn and his fellows at CAMaster who built me one of the finest CNC tools i own, met Tony Mac in atlanta, who for some strange reason asked me to sit and share a meal with him and exposed me to software that would change everything and add a profitable component to my business as well !!

to all of you at Vectric, CAMaster and this forum i thank you, it truley has been one of life's best working experience's i could have ever asked for and the funny thing is

i swore i would never do it!!

Happy New Year and thanks again

jim mcgrew
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