ask for future developpement

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ask for future developpement

Postby 10cop » Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:03 pm

hello vectric team,

As many I tried Aspire and as whith Vcarve some Item will be very use full.

1/ Curve simplying (or node reduction), as many ask (it's amasing the number of nodes when you trace from a bitmap, and many time it is too accuracy).
2/ curve smoother, as from number 1, when you trace from bitmap the curve have sometime very close and very smal "Z" shape, when you make 3D it's made some strange things (tight cornering).
3/ job size: it will be usefull to have a auto size (for example +10 mm outside of the drawn elements in the file.
4/ when you cutout a job by profile tool path, it will be nice to have "cut trought" instead of hit a number.

so bye to all ,
I had own a land rover, I use Vcarve but I speak english like a French guy, please apology.
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