Limit Plane Hell!

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Limit Plane Hell!

Postby Rascalman » Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:59 am

Please help Me! I'm lost in limit plane hell! I am trying to make a hollow tube 1.125 inch diameter and 0.75 inch inner diameter. I made the inner tube slightly shorter so I could use 3D tabs for when I try to machine it (this is just an exercise for now). I have added the CRV3D file from Aspire. I added a Limit Plane of -0.125 inches so I could machine the edges more smoothly. When I try to machine the inner tube I always get a ridge. Why do I get this ridge and how do I avoid it in the future?


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Re: Limit Plane Hell!

Postby garylmast » Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:49 pm

Problems I seen were:
1. Uncheck Zero from both side
2. Put tabs on end of material and copy to other side. Your tab protruded inside. I like to add a vector around model so I can see where to butt the tab up to.
3. Center model in material. Your model however needs to add base or something. It's definitely screwed up and not in the center of material.
4. Negative plane on both sides.
5. Boundary offset both sides
6. Do not need profile cuts. If you offset your cuts and since it's a negative distance on the plane, it will protrude past the model. A profile cut will cut your tabs. If you choose to do a profile, add tabs there and not in the tab level.

You may try to export your model as an stl and re-import it, then center it in material.

I've attach a model designed in Rhino you can import to use or play around with.

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