Test file available?

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Test file available?

Postby Old_Timer » Tue May 07, 2019 6:55 pm

I built a CNC machine and I bought Aspire.
After over 2 years I only now have the CNC moving and working under Mach4 and I am wondering if there is a test file set available to verify that the mechanics work properly. Ideally this would be an Aspire file that I can follow all the way through from software to hardware, but I would like to to have a known good gcode file so I know if my hardware has any flaws.
I know I could use a demo project, but I am just looking for verification of hardware, I know next to nothing about aspire yet so before I start learning that I want to make sure that the machine is doing exactly what its told to do.

I need sizing tests, circles, some domes for carving, some shapes that test the repeatability over time, stuff like that. I need the aspire file and the gcode file to feed to mach4. I'm not trying to build anything out of the files, again just verifying hardware.

Does such a fileset exist?
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Re: Test file available?

Postby Adrian » Tue May 07, 2019 7:09 pm

If your testing the machine it's best to leave Aspire out of the equation. Run directly from Mach4 to start with testing with circles, squares etc as air cuts first and then cutting. The more steps you add in the harder it is to diagnose.

When it's working 100% with 2D stuff directly from your control software then you can start with 2D stuff from Aspire before moving onto 3D stuff.

I don't run a Mach based machine but I'm sure there must be all sorts of test files available and I would expect them to come with the program as ShopBot does with their system.
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