Help with negative model cut

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Help with negative model cut

Postby M Farris » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:45 pm

I am cutting some trial logos for a friend who does vacuum forming. We are trying various sizes and forms of carvings to zero in on what he wants. I modeled a 3D logo in Aspire using mostly 2 rail sweeps in various segments then baked the final model. The first cut was a .1875" high raised letter logo which cut nicely and was what I expected. The second is a negative relief of the original model which I struggled with. I finally got the relief by subtracting it. 2 questions;
1) when I was setting up the material for the relief the software would not let me put the model flush with the surface. Every time I entered a 0 value in the box and hit OK it changes to around .08" below the surface. Any explanation for this?
2) In the simulation of the relief there was a ledge about halfway down around the perimeter of each letter. It was grainy and I thought maybe just simulation noise because it was so small. When I cut it, the ledge was there. There is no ledge in the model so I am baffled why it shows up. Any ideas?

I appreciate any help.
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Re: Help with negative model cut

Postby highpockets » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:54 pm

1) With out seeing the crv3d file I can't say why you can't get the component to set to the top of the material.
2) When using a negative component make sure to add a Zero Plan component.

One other note: Depending on the casting you might want to add a little draft to the component to allow easier removal from the mold.
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