Feature Request: V-Carve as clearing tool

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Feature Request: V-Carve as clearing tool

Postby unicacher » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:19 pm

I have recently found the joy of v-carve inlays. Once mastered, they are quick and easy.

For production runs, however, constantly swapping between a v-carve bit and clearing bit is very time consuming. To speed things up, I use the v-carve bit as a clearing tool with a stepover that gives me enough clearance to mate the two parts. V-carve does not allow the selection of a v-carve tool for clearing, so I have to select an end mill, but leave the v-bit in the machine. This works fine, but I have to run the part to prove that enough material is removed to mate the parts.

Here's the request: Allow for selection of a v-bit for clearance tool with a warning.

Or, take it to 11: Create a gadget or setup option for v-carve inlay! (It's so much better with 2-sided machining upgrade, but every time you update, awesome new timesavers are included!)
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Re: Feature Request: V-Carve as clearing tool

Postby Wayne Locke » Sun Dec 02, 2018 6:40 pm

Do not choose”Large Area Clearing Tool” and Aspire will use the v bit with whatever step over it has.
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