Bit is raised when line diameter too thin

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Bit is raised when line diameter too thin

Postby dr_pangloss » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:01 pm

I have an interesting issue, I searched around here, but couldn't find a solution.

I am engraving small fine text, the top diameter is 0.1mm. It seems to me that any time a font or shape has an area too thing, the tool is pulled up: ... sp=sharing

If I try and convert to curves then make those thicker, well the software just gives up: ... sp=sharing

I would like for it to not raise and just keep going, even if it thinks the bit is too large, like a minimum clamped range.

Any help appreciated,

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Re: Bit is raised when line diameter too thin

Postby Adrian » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:07 pm

That's how the VCarve/Engraving works. It moves between and inner and outer vector. If the gap isn't big enough then you need to make the lettering bigger or you need to use a bit with a more acute angle.

If you convert the script text to curves then you need to join the vectors where they overlap to get the toolpath to work. It can cope with overlapping text but not overlapping vectors. You can use the Weld tool or the scissors tools to join the vectors in that way.

For such small text I would use single line fonts and do a profile cut instead.
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