Profile Tool Path Projection on Model

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Profile Tool Path Projection on Model

Postby rwebcon » Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:57 am

I’m machining two side bowls, 2.5 thick concave. When profiling side 2 with tabs I’m getting several passes that cut air until the end mill gets down to the material. It works fine but I was anticipating fewer passes to get down to the material. I have projection checked after creating the tool path. The help doc states:

Project toolpath onto 3D Model
This option is only available if a 3D model has been defined. If this option is checked, ✓ after the toolpath has been calculated, it will be projected (or 'dropped') down in Z onto the surface of the 3D model. The depth of the original toolpath below the surface of the material will be used as the projected depth below the surface of the model.

Maybe I do not understand what this is saying and that my current tool path is the way its suppose to work. Could someone tell me how projection on profile tool path is supposed to work?
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