Pan and zoom in 3d using iMAC with parallels and windows 10

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Pan and zoom in 3d using iMAC with parallels and windows 10

Postby PapaBear1044 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:45 pm


Since Vectric doesn't support the MAC with Aspire, and I only have a MAC and I love Aspire, I run Windows 10 under Parallels. Works great ... well, almost. The iMAC mouse is a bit different from others - no wheel, for example. This creates a couple of irritating issues that I hope users in the forum have encountered and solved.

First, the mouse is super sensitive and frequently when I'm moving the mouse and accidentally touch the top of the mouse with my finger, the image zoomed to infinity - either too large or too small to do anything, depending upon which way I'm moving the mouse.

Second, I can only zoom to the center of the model, not any of the extremities. Holding down left and right buttons simultaneously doesn't work. And there is no wheel to hold down. Any thoughts?
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Re: Pan and zoom in 3d using iMAC with parallels and windows

Postby LittleGreyMan » Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:45 pm


Buy a standard mouse with wheel. You will find very good models for a reasonable price. Just ensure you can connect it to a Mac if it is a wireless device.

The Mac mouse is a great device (for PC users:it's more or less a combination of a mouse and a trackpad), but absolutely not the best choice for CAD-CAM work. Don't forget Mac apps take in account the Mac mouse particularities, Windows apps don't.

I am nevertheless able to work with it with Aspire, but maybe Vmware has a better mouse mapping than Parallels.

Hope this helps.
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