What I wanted in V9

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What I wanted in V9

Postby wcarrothers » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:15 pm

I wanted 2 things in V9.

One was better automated tab layout.

For example, I'm often given a bunch of art with rectangles that are registered to art on a board. And would be great to be able to automatically have it lay in 2 tabs x distance form one and y distance from the other start point.

like tabs1.jpg

Or another like tabs2.jpg where it would lay out 4 where they would be spaced such that they would repeat near each other

Ive never been able to get the automated tab layout to do that so they would end up a near the same spot to help each other support each other.

The other, When you have the tool path dialog opened, and select something on the drawing it looses what that path had previously selected. So in order to re-select what that path had selected, you have to close and re-open that path to get those vectors to re-select so you can select more or create the path. I can't tell you how many times I've opened the path dialog, had to make one small change to a vector here or there then had to close and re-open to get what I had selected again.. Seems like a button on the toolpath dialog to reselect what that path had selected would be great.

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