Draft question???

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Draft question???

Postby Mike E » Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:54 pm

I am trying to design some ceramic tile molds. I am designing the finished tile first and then will add that tile to a new job and use "subtract" to get the mold version. My problem is putting draft on the sides and the small spacer tabs of the tile. I use my 2d sketch for the tile and tab size, but when I add the draft Aspire wants to make the tile larger with the draft. It is almost impossible to tell how or where Aspire starts the drafted walls. What I would like is for the draft to start at the zero plane and make the tile smaller with the specified draft. Can the draft starting plane be specified(hopefully) or do I have to trig out the draft angle from some unknown height and compensate my sizes according?
It Also causes some strange anomalies' to the geometry, see with draft picture. It has me confused. I am using Ver. 4.5

Thank You
no draft.jpg
No Draft
with draft.jpg
With Draft
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