Tricking a Cutter Path

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Tricking a Cutter Path

Postby TReischl » Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:46 pm

Quite often we see the question here about putting a cutter into a slot that is the same width as the cutter.

An answer we see a lot is to make the slot .001 - .002 larger, then the post will output it.

That is true, but the result is not quite what one may expect. Until the slot is increased by .005 the output looks like:


Notice the angled lines on the end of the cutter path. That is not just a graphical error, those lines are actually output into the cnc file. Granted, these are differences measured in a few tenths but they exist.

Frankly, they do not bother me very often unless I want to do something with the gcode directly in which case they become a PITA. Not a huge deal though.

I ran this test using a .5 dia tool in a .500 dia slot using the pocketing tool if you want to dupe the results.

Just something to keep in mind. Not sure if this happens on V8 cause I have been too cheap to upgrade yet.

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