problem running a file today

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problem running a file today

Postby Mike Fuson » Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:32 am

Hello all. I'm ne to the forum but have had my cnc since the fall and have been using vcarve since that time. my machine is a CAMaster 5x8 with an 8 position ATC. I'll describe what my process was and maybe someone can shed some light as to what happened. I was creating some 5x12 heat vent registers and wanted them to have a pocket on the back. My mounting method was to screw my half inch thick board down to a piece of half inch thick plywood and then I screwed the 1/2'' plywood to the spoilboard. I referenced from the spoilboard so my total thickness was .969 thick which is what I entered in. I designed the vent with slots in the middle and had a rectangle around it, the rectangle represented the pocket. I then copied and pasted five more of those vents on my board. I then selected those rectangles and did a pocket tool path 3/16 deep and saved the file. Then I deleted that tool path from the software and deleted the rectangles that were for that back side pocket. I then ran profile tool paths for the slots and then another for the outside profile and then saved those tool paths to another file. My plan was to mount my board and run the file for the back pocket, then unscrew the board and flip it and screw it back down and then run the file for the slots and outside profile. so... when I mounted the board and ran the file for the back pocket, it picked up the correct tool, went over and plunged in to the 3/16 depth, which was correct but only moved 4'' and stopped and then the z slowly started dropping. I immediately hit escape which done nothing. I then hit the e-stop and the spindle came to a slow stop. I was able to re initialize my machine and now the machine seems fine like theres nothing wrong? My control software is wincnc by the way. when it made that short 4'' path and stopped the screen said ''time elapsed 1 second'' like it had finished the file. I looked at the tap file and it doesn't appear that there is anything wrong with the file, very lengthy, certainly not one second. Its like it ran one second of the file and got stuck. anyone have any thoughts as to what might have happened, either in my designing process or toolpathing process, or something about the machine? i'm really hoping something didn't happen to the machine and I really don't think it did since I was able to re-initialize and it seemed to be fine. I'm kinda at a loss. thanks in advance
Mike Fuson
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