JOB: vCarve Pro and CNC Operator Houston, TX USA 40-100K/yr

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JOB: vCarve Pro and CNC Operator Houston, TX USA 40-100K/yr

Postby dmoore » Mon Feb 25, 2019 3:45 am

Our company has two 4x8 CNC machines that run pretty much 7 days a week 10 to 20 hours per day cutting 100% plastics. We need someone to take over this production and more importantly, new product development. As such, we are looking for someone that is clever, motivated, versatile and wants to decide how much money they want to make. We pay our employees completely on the value you bring to the table - if you have good ideas and work hard we will shower you with money. The position is located in Far North Houston, TX. The schedule is 100% flexible - work days, evenings, weekends, whatever suits you as long as the work gets done.

This position pays between 40k for someone who just shows up and can run the machine and do the minimum to 100k for someone that busts it out and develops new CNC machined products (don't worry, this isn't that complicated) that bring in new business.

Our production facility has a fork lift so you don't have to lift too much and is full 100% AC so you'll work in comfort! All our production files are in VCarve pro, an application I've personally used since 2008, so VCarve pro experience is a must.

If you are interested, just send me a direct message and we can talk.
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