Tiling Tool paths

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Tiling Tool paths

Postby zeighty » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:32 am

Hi to all.
Thanks in advance for your patience.
I have a Piranha XL with a cut ability of x24 x y12. The bed is 30" long (x) which allows for material clamps if used.

I have completed the tutorial for the Howling Wolf Inn 72"x48" sign.

My biggest concerns what I am seeking advice on is the following:

1) Tile overlap - I understand it, at least I think I do. I believe that if my toolpath is using a 1/4" end mill I would need at least a 1/4" Tile overlap so the toolpath will exit the material correctly to provide the cut needed for the next tile.

2) This is the biggie... how in the heck do you index your material so things line up when it comes time to assemble? This has to be an exact science, right?

Also, I almost exclusively use material center, XY Datum, for machine alignment. I believe this has to change to lower left when using tiling. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance.
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