VCarve 9.507 & 8 Job Sheet error

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VCarve 9.507 & 8 Job Sheet error

Postby adze_cnc » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:31 pm

The latest Job Sheet seems to have a problem displaying the "Time Estimate" values. It actually encodes them into the HTML file but the CSS code for their DIV has overflow:hidden. The "Time Estimate:" string plus the time value (say "00:04:53") is too wide to fit the allotted space. So the toolpath time is not displayed. (see first image)

A quick fix is to replace "Time Estimate" with "Time Est." (see second image).

To do so, locate the file: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vectric Files\Gadgets\VCarve Pro V9.5\__Setup_Sheet and edit it.

Search for the two occurrences of:

Code: Select all
table.insert(t, HTMLEncode(vSTR("Time Estimate")))

and replace them with:

Code: Select all
table.insert(t, HTMLEncode(vSTR("Time Est.")))


"Time Estimate" and time is not displayed.

"Time Est." and is time displayed.
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